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5 km from our Hotel


Pietrasanta is a small seaside resort in Versilia, currently a centre of international importance for the processing of marble and bronze. A meeting point for sculptors from all over the world, it hosts numerous galleries and big seasonal exhibitions. Great artists such as Igor Mitoraj, Jean Michel Folon, Fernando Botero, Pietro Cascella, Arnaldo Pomodoro and Joan Miró have donated important works to the city of Pietrasanta, which undoubtedly deserves the nickname of city of artists today, thanks to the number of works exhibited in every corner along the streets of the town centre.

In summer, it becomes a literary salon, hosting “Il Caffè della Versiliana” for two months, a place for afternoon artistic and cultural meetings, in a magical atmosphere, in the shade of the pine trees that Gabriele d’Annunzio loved so much and he spent time here with his literary friends, discussing poetry and amorous adventures.

The “Versiliana” currently hosts over 50 meetings with the most influential, best-known and most glamorous personalities from the world of entertainment, culture, current affairs, sport, cinema, TV and more.

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